Familiarisation Flights

Flying, a dream to make your own

You always wanted to become an ultralight aircraft pilot but wondered if it really is for you? Focus Sport Aviation offers introductory flights allowing you to experiment the feel of flying aboard an ultralight aircraft. Before committing to a complete training to get your pilot permit, we invite you to first discover the stimulating pleasure of flying.

Our experienced pilots, certified by Transports Canada, will take pleasure in guiding you through your first ultralight aircraft flight. Most pilots trained with us, chose this familiarization flight before beginning their theoretical and practical courses; an excellent way to get one step closer to their dream.

Duration and costs of a familiarization flight

At Focus Sport Aviation, not only do we offer competitive prices, but breathtaking sceneries and an incursion in the heart of the nature of the Laurentians are part of the deal. Open your eyes wide and take it all in!
Familiarization flight Duration: 30 minutes
Coût : 90 $


Focus Sport Aviation.

The freedom to fly

It’s time that your dreams become realities!